Thursday, September 26, 2002

OICCCCC! Actually, do you know that Singapore doesn't hv many locals doing postgrad now cos they think it's of no value in the market? NUS really has no choice but to recruit a huge pool of foreign talents to do so, even though some are really not that talented. If they dun do that, you'll find a ghost division in postgrad studies. Recently, there was a rumor that they rechannelled the funds for research (e.g. conference grants...) into hiring more foreign talents. Quite a few of the staff are given very little for their conference leave. I think if the economy in Singapore grows worse, then locals will start pouring in. I also received some feedback from some of my foreign frens that they regret taking up the degree course in NUS. Now they're stuck here for 6 years. Cannot pursue further studies. I question them,"during that time, if they had stayed back in their own country to complete their degree, would they be in better position now?" They said no. I told them that they're very lucky cos if they're locals, they would be stuck with repaying the loans for 6 years ($500 every month). So it's like they're earning much more than we do. But nevertheless, they're talents. We're dirt. oops no. I'm dirt. U also foreign talent mah. BTW, *sung's lectures are very humorous. If you need a break, can attend his lecture to have a good laugh. Mr Blow