Thursday, September 26, 2002

Din know the postings come so fast and furious... else would have checked the site more often. So far the postings are about the conversations between a married man and a 90% life-expired man. Herein begins the story: Conversations between a Married Man and a Life-Expired Man. Married man: (begging for alms on a cold, lonely, deserted street) Me dirt. Me suck. Me no money. Help... (strangled, anguished hoarse whisper) Along comes the 90% life-expired man, just as browbeaten and downcast Life-expired man: Life sucks. My supervisor looks down on me. The competition is a nightmare. Sob... They sink into a state of collective symbiotic lamentation. What will happen to our protagonists? What will dredge them out of their unrelenting misery? Will more benovolent manifestations of their supervisors and/or HK serials save the day? To be continued... PaperD