Tuesday, September 24, 2002

Since the lighting is so dim, I can't really work at night. I can't really concentrate. Today what i did is a sat at the chair near to the lobby. Since the lobby is also the entrance to a LT, there are metal chairs for students sit. The view is quite nice as there's a glass windows by the site from the top down to the floor. Sitting there has better lighting than in the lab. But the bad thing is, just before the start or after lecture, lot of students crowd around there and talk. I had no choice but to stop reading for a few minutes. Today, I've found the best way to fight sleepiness, this afternoon, I was quite sleepy, and what I do so to programme. Since the www server can run PHP, I made all the PHP script log down the infomation like date, time, requesting IP... etc. What I did was today I wrote something to analyse these sets of information, it's available at . I 'll continure to modify this tomorrow when I feel sleepy. Mr BLOG