Saturday, September 28, 2002

The reason why it's was neat is beause we just moved it, and that guy took 3 day, many many trip with the trolley to shift the stuff over. I can see that he is a neat guy. Compared to my desktop, can't really compare.

And after the presentation, the chinaman told me the introduction I presented is a crap, and those lecturers actually do not care, but they need to "see" that part.
And now I'm under stress again... they told me to improve on the problem, from N^4, to N^3, or even N^2. At least I now can continue to stay in tha lab for the moment and people will not disturb me, even I'm just surfing around.
After the presentation, there was another chinaman, asking his sup questions on the paper that I just presented. They conversed in Mandarin, with the supervisor speaking 1/2 understood mandarin. It was a funny and interesting phenomenon. In Singapore you can't really find such things happening in NUS where the lecturers trying speak students' native language. Mr BLOG