Friday, September 27, 2002

The presentation is over. got some setback, but overall, it's was okay. I got asked to write down the formal formulation off hand. I took 5 min to write down the correct on, it's it's a summation over 3 variables, I forgot what it was written. But finally I got it correct, it was a close shave. Then I presentation the short version. then they ask me to explain in detail, so I had to open up the long version, and switching the 2 versions here and there. In the end, they said that the paper was a crap, and ask me to think of a new and more efficient method. The entire presentation lasted for 1.5 hr. I can say I finally throughout the presentation, I focus only on the 2 sups. I ignored the rest. I didn't care whether the rest understood, as long as the 2 nod their hrads, I go on. I guess the rest dun quite understand. Mr BLOG