Tuesday, September 24, 2002

Just read Mr Blow's post. Actually I got no idea what it means, but it seems that it's from a professor!!! "drive me to the grave", "they have done nothing!", "give them something to do".... wah... You found the difference? "....two other Engineering students under my co-sup[Co-supervision]..." I think the rest of the schemers will be very proud. Someone, graduated from honous for just 1 year plus, now co-supervise a 4th year engineering student. Unbelievable! Anyway, I heard that being tutor here is more tough than NUS. Besides tutorials, consultation, tutors have to mark assignment, answer newgroup or email within 2 days (documented). And of course webpage is compulsory. I'm designated as tutor for discrete maths in 2nd semester for comp. eng people. I heard comp eng people are supposed to be the smarter ones and I can't even do those predicate question for computer science stream. I could do the predicate logic question, I remembered in IC1105, we didn't have to do prdicate logic, did we? I knew nothing about predicate logic as I skip basic maths in NUS. Worse, down here got no proper tutorial classroom. tutorials are held in the LT itself; so it adds presure on me too. I'm doomed! I'm back from a lecture. The course is what my co-sup name it as one-star. I understood nothing, i.e. 0% of the 2 hours. It's on S-T connectivity, and I can't find this topic even in the thick thick thick book "Intoduction to Alogrithm". I think I can't accumulate this until exam. I have to get this thing done ASAP. Anyway, that girl who was given 5 choices chose choice 1. She told my co-sup, and he respected her decision. But I heard that he want her to choose choice 3 or above. I'm really frightened. When will be my day? Mr BLOG