Monday, September 23, 2002

just came back from dinner and hair-cut. I had the most expensive haircur and a relatively expensive dinner. I was walking a round near to the campus looking for a salon, I was mentally prepared for something more expensive than the S$15 haircut. After walking 2 rounds, I finally settled for a less renovated salon, I walked for a haircut and it cost me HK$190!!! That guy was trying to pretend he was very professional, and crossing his hands, looking at my hair and trying to think how to cut. After that I settle at a small and normal chinese cook restaurant, I cost me HK$46.

After that I tried to withdraw some money from the ATM. As usual, I got the ATM card and recept, and waiting for the $$$ to come out, I didn't know why but no $$$ came out. I double checked the recept and the recept says that the transaction is withdraw HK$xxx. I stood down there, trying to find a number to call. I didn't know someone was standing behind me, waiting quite impatiently. I told her the ATM machine is at fault. She didn't believe and inserted hers, but in the end she canceled the transaction and didn't withdraw any $. Then I walked back to hostel, still trying to find a number to call in the recept. Then I read that there's another column "Cancel", and "***" was printed on in that column. I finally understand why no money came out: the transaction was canceled but the receipt printed says that "I'm trying to withdraw HK$xxx but transaction was canceled"