Wednesday, September 25, 2002

I've come to modifying the slides *again*. Although I used to slides for last week presentation which was cancel last minute, I still find that the slides are not good enough to give a good presentation. That's why I need to change it. I can't sense that something is not right on the slide, but I can't really say what excatly is wrong with them. This is discouraging when you know that something can be improved but you just do not know what or how to improve. This afternoon, I could only add in more and more detail to the slides. I'm not sure whether this is desirable by my co-sup. He said that either you present everything of the detail, or you presentation none. The most undesirable case, is that you presentation halt the detail and hide the rest, audience could understand nothing. And he made a strong statement: Do Not Make Everyone Wasting Their Time. I'm starting to have a feeling that I'm going towards these 2 directions. Mr BLOG