Saturday, September 21, 2002

I'm not good. Still have alot to learn but the current environment forbids me to learn from my peers. Different field mah. So i muz self-learn lor. Anyway, research is about doing what you like; in this manner, you'll be driven full fletch by your immense overwhelming interest. If you feel you're doing research for your sups and not for your own knowledge, then there's no difference between this new role as a sponsored student and your previous job. Interest and the thirst for knowledge should be your primary motivation! Oh and very important, reading muz be your hobby! Few singaporeans like to read (exceptions ccl, ck, esther, KK...). If you tend to fall asleep after reading something, means you're not interested in that thing. Otherwise, you should feel your adrenaline pumping thru your veins and your heart's at work! Mr BLOW