Monday, September 30, 2002

I found out that Baleno down sized all their pant! Since last year, I've been wearing size waist 28' for my pants and jeans. Today since I'm broke, and I'm in urgent need for a pair of jeans, I went to Baleno since it was the ONLY shop of such kind near to the campus. I tried the size 28' first, and it's does fit. I suspect that I put on some weight. So I tried size 29'. I was better BUT I could still feel the tension. I concluded that Baleno make all their pants size 28' to 29', 29 to 30'... and so on. Tonite, it was the only nite that I can walk around the place in campus. HKU is on a hill. But it wasn't as high as I expected. It was about the height of climbing from Jurong Bird Park to Jurong Hill. Around the neighbourhood, Although it's in the district of The Peak, besides the Central and Admiralty. It seems to me a small town that has been abandoned, the feeling walking on the street is like walking in China Town, everything seems so old, and not maintained. No modern shopping mall, no U2. But I could see lots of 2 storey shopping complex like the Pearl centre. I walking 3 street up, down, left, right from the point I reached from HKU downhill, I could find a computer shops that sells CDR. Of course, all the building are at least 20 years old, no new building. Once I reached back campus, I think tonite it's good time for taking photos, since tomorrow is a public holiday, most people should have gone by now. Mr BLOG