Thursday, September 05, 2002

Have been staying in the Graduate House for 5 days, but I haven't seen the guy who's sharing the toilet with me. We have our own room, but for every 2 single bedrooms, we share a bathroom. I finallly felt that I myself i so anti-social. I went for a safety briefing this evening for the new residents like me. During the photo taking, I tried to bring myself to talk to the german beside me, but he seems not very interested and friendly. After one failure, after dinner, I told my office-mates that tonight I'll be spending my time in the graduade house to socialise more. I tried to stay in the pantry at my level, watching cable TV. But I only stayed there for about 15 min, b'cos no one were there. Only a chinaman came in to get some water. I tried to talk to him and ask him which room is his (Mandarin) but I had to ask him to repeat his answer 3x before I knew that he's speaking in cantonese. Of course after that he just went away. One thing to add, I watched channel news asia. Without looking at the Adobe logo, I could sense that it's a Singapore channel. It's a special accent that only Singaporeans speak.